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ENGL 3000 Shakespeare for Non-Majors, an Introduction to Shakespearean Works Held in the Rare Books Collection

This guide highlights works Shakespearean and related early modern works held by the Rare Books Collection, Rare and Distinctive Collections.

Bibliography of the Rare Books Collection's Shakespearean Works


From Manuscript to Print

Manuscript Bible Leaf: Book of Numbers “Dragon Leaf.” France, 1240s. Plume OS MS 314

Gutenberg Bible Leaf, 1450s. Plume OS BS95 1454 N48 1921

Chaucer, Geoffrey.  “Summoner’s Tale,” Page from Printed Canterbury Tales.  London: William Caxton, 1477.  Z 232 C38 D7 1905

Alighieri, Dante. Dante con l'espositioni di Christoforo Landino et d'Alessandro Vellutello sopra la sua Comedia dell'Inferno, del Purgatorio, & del Paradiso. Venetia : Appresso Gio. Battista, & Gio. Bernardo Sessa, fratelli, 1596. OS1 PQ 4302 B96

Printed Works that Shakespeare May Have Known

Machiavelli, Niccolò. The works of the famous Nicolas Machiavel, citizen and secretary of Florence. Written originaIly [sic] in Italian, and from thence newly and faithfully translated into English. London: printed for R. Clavel, etc., 1695. Plume OS DG731.5 .M32 1695

Castiglione, Baldessare.  The Courtyer of Count Baldessar Castlio: devided into foure Bookes. London: Henry Denham, 1577.  Plume BJ 1604 C43 1577.  

Saviolo, Vincentio.  Vincentio Sauiolo his practise. : In two bookes. The first intreating of the vse of the rapier and dagger. The second, of honor and honorable quarrels. London: Printed by [Thomas Scarlet for] Iohn VVolfe, 1595.  PLUME U860 .S2 1595.

Holinshed, Raphael. The Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland. London: George Bishop, 1577. DA130 .H73 v.1 

James I, King of England. The workes of the most high and mightie prince, Iames, by the grace of God King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. London: Printed by Robert Barker & Iohn Bill, printers to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, 1616. OS1 DA 391 A13 1616.

Mercator, Gerardus. Atlas sive cosmographicae meditations de fabrica mundi et fabricate figura [Mercator’s Atlas]. Amsterdam: Henry Hondius, 1630. Plume OS G1007 A7 1630

Gerarde, John. The Herbal or General Historie of Plantes. London, 1636. OS1 QK 41. G3 1636. [First edition printed in 1597] 

Printed Editions of Shakespeare’s Works

Shakespeare, William.  Fourth Folio. London: Printed for H. Herringman, E. Brewster, and R. Bentley, 1685.  Plume OS1 PR2751 .A4 1685.

Shakespeare, William.  Measure for Measure.  London: R. Allot, 1632. Plume PR2751 .A2 1632

Shakespeare, William. The works of Mr. William Shakespear; : in six volumes. Adorn'd with cuts. / Revis'd and corrected, with an account of the life and writings of the author. By N. Rowe, Esq. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1709. PR2752 .R8 1709  v.1

Shakespeare, William. The works of Shakespear. : In six volumes / Collated and corrected by the former editions, by Mr. Pope. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, in the Strand, 1723-25. PR2752 .P7 1723  v.2

Shakespeare, William.  The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare.  London: W. Bulmer, Shakespeare Printing Office, 1802.  OS1 PR2752 S8 1802 v. 4

Shakespeare, William. Tallis's library edition of the works of Shakspere : with historical introductions, notes explanatory and critical, and a life of the poet, and an introductory essay on his phraseology and metre / by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq. London ; New York : John Tallis & Company, 1850s. PR2753 .H2 1850z  pt.21

Shakespeare, William. The doubtful plays of Shakespere : being all the dramas attributed to the muse of the world's great poet / revised from the original editions, accompanied with historical and analytical introductions to each play, and notes critical and explanatory by Henry Tyrrell. London; New York: J. Tallis, between 1800 and 1899. PR2851 .T9

Bowdler, Thomas.  A Family Shakespeare… London:  Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans, 1847.  PR2753 .B7 1847.

Lamb, Charles. Tales from Shakspere : for the use of young persons / by Charles & Mary Lamb ; with forty engravings. New York : Hurd, 1869. PASCAL Offsite.

Translations of Shakespeare

Shakespeare, William. Twelfth Night. Part of Act II leaf in Chinese. [n.p.; n.d.].  PR2796 .C4 T8.

Shakespeare, William. Teatro scelto di Shakspeare / tradotto da Giulio Carcano. Firenze: Felice le Monnier, 1857-1858. PR2783 .C37 1857  v.1

Shakespeare, William. Shekspir v perevod︠i︡e i ob︠i︡asnenīi / A. L. Sokolovskago. S.-Peterburg: Tip. Glav. upravlenī︠i︡a ud︠i︡elov, 1894-1898. PR2785 .S6 1894x  v.5-6  

Shakespeare, William. Hamlet Prinz von Daenemark / [Textrevision von Max J. Wolff] ; Mit 16 Lichtdrucktafeln nach den Lithographieen von Eugene Delacroix. Leipzig: Inselverlag, 1913. OS2 PR2782.H3 W6

 Performing Shakespeare

Shakespeare, William.  Shakespearean prompt-books of the seventeenth century. Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 1960-.  OS1 PR2757 .E9 v.4 pt.2.

Shakespeare, William.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream promptbook.  Edited by G. Blakemore Evans.  Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 1960-.  OS1 PR2757 .E9 v.7 pt.1-2

Shakespeare, William.  Shakespearean prompt-books of the seventeenth century. Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 1960-.  OS1 PR2757 .E9 v.5 pt.2.

Ninety-six portraits of eminent actors in Shakespearian characters. London: J. Tallis, late 1800s.  PR3112 N5. 

Shakespeare, William. The complete works of William Shakespeare: with an essay on Shakespeare and Bacon by Sir Henry Irving and a biographical introduction London: Collins’ Clear-Type Press, 1906. PR 2754 A4 1906

Artistic Response to Shakespeare

Professional Pieces

Andres, Angela.  Anatomy of a Shakespeare Man/Woman.  Philadelphia, PA: University of the Arts, Borowsky Center for Publication Arts, 199-?.  N7433.4.A64 A63 1990.

Shakespeare, William. Antony and Cleopatra. Designed and produced by Ronald King. Including “The Elusive Absolute” by Keith Please. Circle Press Publications, 1979.  PR2802 Al 1979 (oversized)

Shakespeare, William and Patrice Baldwin.  Queen Mab.  Illustrated by Graham Barrett Royce. Bisbee, AZ: Pequeño Press, 1997.  Book Arts PR2831.A3 B35 1997.

Trujillo, Rae. Shakespeare.  CA: Rae's of Sun, 2006.  Book Arts N7433.4.T78 S53 2006.

Shakespeare, William. King Lear. Illustrated by Oskar Kokoschka. London:  Ganymede Original Editions Ltd., 1963. OS2 PR2819 .A2 K6.

Student Artistic Projects (ENGL 3000)
Driver, Tyler. Othello Accordion Book. Spring 2016.

Herald, Luke. Othello Box. Spring, 2015.
Kennedy, Michelle. Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth Daggers. Spring 2016.

Koral, Lily. The Many Faces of Hamlet. Spring, 2015.

Vo, Thuyvi. Hamlet: “He loves me, he loves me not.” Spring, 2015.

Peterson A. Matthew The Wand of Prospero

Hand of Prospero


Digitized Collections of Medieval Manuscripts

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Rare and Distinctive Collections


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