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Simmons Insights: Run Quick Reports

Quick Reports Overview

The tabs below walk you through setting up and viewing a Quick Report with the use of screenshots from Simmons.

Quick reports allow you to specify a target and a base (optional).  The target might be an activity, interest, or buying habit.  For example, you might look at brands of yogurt people buy. If you want to specify a larger demographic to focus on, you can add that to your base. Your base might be a particular age group, ethnicity, or gender.  You want your base sample to be bigger than your target sample. 

How to Create a Quick Report

0. Launch 1.0

  • If Simmons Insights brings you to their Catalyst page (it's purple), select "Launch 1.0" in the top right corner.

1. Select Your Study

  • When Simmons opens, it defaults to the Crosstab view and to the Fall 2016 NHCS Adult Study 06-Month.
  • Using the drop down menu, you can change the study as seen in the screenshot below. The Fall 2016 NHCS Adult Study 12-Month or the Fall Simmons Connect studies are recommended since they will have larger targets and (optional) bases.

select study with callout shapes and border


2. Navigate to Quick Reports

  • Click on the "Essentials," button in the blue toolbar at the top of the screen to change to Quick Reports as seen in the screenshot below. 

switch to quick reports from essentials button

3. Search for Your Target

  • In the Search bar change the “All,” option to “Simmons Data.” This will only show the survey questions and answers.
  • In the box type “yogurt.” Your spelling must be accurate in this box. Results that are red and have a ? in front are the survey questions.

showing search box results using yogurt as key word and make sure it says simmons data

  • Click on the question to see all the possible answers.
  • Click on the answer you want to add as your target.
  • You can hold down the CTRL button and click at the same time to add more than one answer. 
  • You must also use the operator OR to add more than one answer to your target. You can click on the word OR on the screen.
  • Click on the bullseye to the right of the search bar to add this as your Target to the Quick Report.

showing yogurt brands and operators


4. Add optional, larger Base.

  • Use the search box in the same manner as the step above to add your base. You can search for “demographics” or “gender”.
  • Click on the square button to the right of the search bar that has the word Base under it to add this to the Quick Report.


5. Select Type of Quick Report to Run

  • After adding your targets and bases select the type of quick report you would like to run. The “Demographic Profile,” and “Segmentation,” reports are available for all the studies. 
  • For the rest of the quick reports you must use the Simmons Connect study.
  • Click on the type of Quick Report you want to view.
  • Click on the purple arrow at the top of the screen to run and view the report.

6. View the report.

  • After clicking the purple arrow icon you can view the report.
  • For the segmentation report you use the drop down menu in the middle of the screen to change categories.
  • You can also download the data in excel format using the tool on the right side of the screen.

showing how to export the chart, and change topic of quick report