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WRTG 3030 Radical Science Writing (Long) - The History of Western Science: Map Resources

A guide for understanding the history of western science using original materials found in CU's Rare and Distinctive Collections..

Inspiration for your "So What?" Project

The first slideshow covers topics such as "What is a map?" and "Is mapmaking an art or a science or both?" This slideshow will also give you examples of "So What?" maps to inspire you for your final class project.

You can explore the slides further by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of the slides to read the speaker notes and learn more about each map.

The second slideshow features the map librarians' favorite maps. Use these as more inspiration for your final project.

Exploring Historical Maps

This guide will help you discover historical map resources, as well as information about how to search for and cite maps. This guide is useful for anyone looking for historical maps.