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Graduate Guide for Japanese Studies: Journals 和

This guide focuses on supporting reserach on Japanese Studies at the graduate level. Users are expected to somewhat familiar with scholarly publishign formats and synthesizing reserach.

Japanese Journals Held in our Collection

Journal issues published in the current year are available in the Asian Studies Reading Room alongside Asian reference books on the second floor of Norlin. Journals from the last 5 years are bound for each year and also available in the Asian Studies Reading Room. Journal issues published more than 5 years ago are stored off site at PASCAL. Use the link in the "Catalog" column to request previous issues be brought on site. Use links in the "CiNii" column to browse and search article titles.

Title - Rōmaji Title - Japanese Catalog Indexed Call Number Subscribed? Holdings Start-End
Anahorisshu kokubungaku = The Anahorish of literary magazine of Japan アナホリッシュ國文學 Catalog CiNii PL700.A53 yes 2012- 2012-
Araragi アララギ (阿羅々木) Catalog CiNii PL758.A1 A7 ceased 1908-1953 1908-1997
Bukkyō 仏教 Catalog CiNii BQ6 .B85 ceased 1996-2001 1987-2001
Bukkyō kenkyū 佛教研究 Catalog CiNii BQ6.B854 no 1998-2011 1921-
Bungaku 文学 Catalog CiNii PN9.B8242 ceased 1990-2016 1931-2016
Bungakukai 文學界 Catalog CiNii PL726.65.B84 yes 1998- 1933-
Bungei 文藝 Catalog CiNii AP95.J2 B83 yes 1995- 1962-
Bungei nenkan / Nihon Bungeika Kyōkai hen 文芸年間 Catalog CiNii PL701.B85 yes 1994- 1929-
Bungei shunjū 文藝春秋 Catalog CiNii AP95.J2 B843 yes 1996- 1923-
Chōsen Gakuho 朝鮮学報 Catalog CiNii DS901 .C47 no 1951 1951-
Chōsen gakuō 朝鮮学法 Catalog CiNii DS901.C47 no 1951-1975 1951-
Chūgoku bungakuhō 中國文學報 Catalog CiNii PL2250.C5612 no See Catalog 1954-
Chūgoku koten kenkyū 中国古典研究 Catalog CiNii PL1006.C555 no 1994-2008 1964-
Chūō Daigaku Bungakubu Kiyō = Journal of the faculty of literature, Chuo University 中央大学文学部紀要 Catalog CiNii AS552.C53 OA 1955-2000 1954-
Chūō kōron = The Central Review 中央公論 Catalog CiNii AP95.J2 C5 yes 1945- 1899-
Gaikō fōramu 外交フォーラム Catalog CiNii DS890.3 G35 no 1989-1999 1988-2010
Geibun 藝文 Catalog CiNii DS781 .G432 reprint 1944-1945 1944-1945
Gendai no esupuri = L'Esprit d'aujourd'hui 現代のエスプリ Catalog CiNii AP95.J2 G395 no 1999-2011 1963-
Gengo 言語 Catalog CiNii P9.G45 ceased 1972-2009 1972-2009
Gengo Kenkyū = Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan 言語研究 Catalog CiNii P9.G4 no 1969-2000 1939-
Haiku kenkyū 俳句研究 Catalog CiNii PL729.A1 H34 ceased 1998-2007 1944-2011
Higashi Ajia no Kodai Bunka 東アジアの古代文化 Catalog CiNii DS509.3 .H52 ceased 1974* 2009
Hikaku bungaku kenkyū = Études de littérature comparée 比較文学研究 Catalog CiNii PN851.H5427 yes 1954- 1954-
Hon no zasshi 本の雑誌 Catalog CiNii Z463.H66 yes 1999- 1976-
Indogaku Bukkyōgaku kenkyū 印度學佛教學研究 Catalog CiNii BL1400 .I41 no 1994-2011 1952
Keizai kenkyū 経済研究 Catalog CiNii HB9.K4 no 1969-2000 1950-
Kikan riron-keizaigaku = The Japanese rconomic review 季刊理論経済学 Catalog CiNii HB9.K434 OA 1982-2006 1949-
Kinsei bungei 近世文藝 Catalog CiNii PL700.K54 yes 1998- 1954-
Kokubungaku kaishaku to kanshō 国文学: 解釈と鑑賞 Catalog CiNii PL700.K65 ceased 1970-2011 1936-2011
Kokubungaku nenkan = Bibliography of research in Japanese literature 国文学年鑑 Catalog CiNii Z7072.K56 ceased 1987-2004 1979-2007
Kokubungaku: kaishaku to kyōzai no kenkyū 國文學: 解釈と敎材の硏究 Catalog CiNii PL700.K659 ceased 1970-2009 1956-2009
Kokugo to kokubungaku 國語と國文學 Catalog CiNii PL702.T655 yes 1924- 1924-
Kokugogaku (becomes Nihongo no Kenkyū) 國語學 Catalog CiNii PL519.K64 ceased 1968-2004 1948-2004
Minzokugaku-Kenkyū : Japanese journal of ethnology 民族學研究 Catalog CiNii GN1 .M66 partial OA 1990-1999 1935-2004
Mirai 未来 Catalog CiNii AP8 .M56 no 1970-1974 1900
Mita bungaku 三田文学 Catalog CiNii PL700.M57 yes 1998- 1985-
Nichibei josei jānaru 日米女性ジャーナル Catalog CiNii HQ1104.N5 ceased 1988-2000 1988-2000
Nihon bungaku 日本文学 Catalog CiNii PL700.N43 yes 1998- 1952-
Nihon kenkyū 日本研究 Catalog CiNii - OA - 1989-
Nihongo jānaru 日本語ジャーナル Catalog CiNii PL501.N55 ceased 1989-2005 1986-2005
Nihongo kyōiku 日本語教育 Catalog CiNii PL519.N56 yes 1964- 1962-
Nihongo no kenkyū (was Kokugogaku) 日本語の研究 Catalog CiNii PL501.K597 yes 2005- 2005-
Nihongo-gaku 日本語学 Catalog CiNii PL501.N53 no 1996-2013 1982-
Nippon-Chūgoku Gakkaihō 日本中國學會報 Catalog CiNii PL1008 .N56 no 1994-2010 1949-
Nyonin geijutsu 女人藝術 Catalog CiNii PL756.W6 N96 ceased 1928-1931 1928-1932
Seitō 青鞜 Catalog CiNii PL756.W6 S45 ceased 1911-1916 1911-1916
Sekai 世界 Catalog CiNii D442.S44 no 1946-2005 1946-
Shakai gengo kagaku = The Japanese journal of language in society 社会言語科学 Catalog CiNii P40.45 J3 J37 OA 2008- 1998-
Shakai gengo kagaku = The Japanese journal of language in society 社会言語科学 Catalog CiNii P40.45.J3 J37 no 2008-2016 1998-
Shien = The Journal of History 史淵 Catalog CiNii DS801.S5 OA - 1929-
Shigaku zasshi 史學雜誌 Catalog CiNii DS801.S5 no 1958-2013 1889-
Shinchō 新潮 Catalog CiNii PL700.S46 yes 1999- 1904-
Shisō 思想 Catalog CiNii AS551.S448 yes 1999- 1921-
Shūkyō kenkyū 宗教研究 Catalog CiNii BL9.J3 S58 no 1998-2011 1939
Sōbun 創文 Catalog CiNii AI19.J3 S62 ceased 1969-2010 1962-2010
Sōseki kenkyū 漱石研究 Catalog CiNii PL812.A8 Z4588 ceased 1993-2005 1993-2005
Subaru = subaru すばる = 昴 Catalog CiNii PL701.S9 yes 1999- 1970-
Tanka kenkyū 短歌研究 Catalog CiNii PL728.T3936 yes 1996- 1944-
Tōkai hōgaku = Tokai law review 東海法学 Catalog CiNii K24 .O38 no 1987-1987 1987-
Toki no ugoki 時の動き Catalog CiNii JA26 .T64 ceased 1968-2000 1968-2007
Tōyō bunka = Oriental Culture Review 東洋文化 Catalog CiNii DS501.T5 OA 1994-2015 1950-
Tōyō Bunka Kenkyūjo kiyō 東洋文化研究所紀要 Catalog CiNii DS509.3 .T695 no 1989-1989 1943-
Tōyō gakuhō 東洋学報 Catalog CiNii DS12.T74 no 1993-2011 1911-
Tōyōshi kenkyū 東洋史研究 Catalog CiNii DS701.T7 yes 1994- 1935-
U.S.-Japan women's journal 日米女性ジャーナル Catalog CiNii HQ1104.N52 no 1991-2010 1991-
Utsunomiya Daigaku Kyōikugakubu Kiyō 宇都宮大学教育部紀要 Catalog CiNii LG271.U85 A3 OA 1980-2014 1966-
Waka bungaku kenkyū 和歌文学硏究 Catalog CiNii PL758.A1 W34 yes 1998- 1956-
Wakayama Kenritsu Shizen Hakubutsukan kanpō 和歌山県立自然博物館館報 Catalog CiNii AM77.W35 W35 no 1982-1995 1983-
Yuriika = Eureka ユリイカ Catalog CiNii AP95.J2 Y87 yes 1999- 1969-

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