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GIS (Geographic Information Systems): ArcGIS Access

A guide to getting started with GIS

ArcGIS Online

CU Boulder's site license to Esri products provides full access to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) for students, faculty, and staff. If you're not affiliated with CU Boulder, you can create a public account

To access AGOL, go to

  1. SSO Accounts: To create or access an SSO account, select "CU Boulder - SSO Accounts" and sign-on with your CU identikey credentials. SSO accounts will always use the “CU Boulder – SSO Accounts” sign-in option in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro. 
  2. Legacy Accounts: Log-in with username, which is often firstname.lastname_ucboulder. 

Note! Legacy ArcGIS accounts and SSO accounts are separate, and they do not share access to content. For more information, please visit this OIT Software Catalog page.  

Having trouble getting access? Not sure if you already have an account? Please contact the Office of Information Technology for account support:



Esri Business Analyst Online & Community Analyst

Important!First you must have an account with CU Boulder's ArcGIS Online site (see instructions above).

Two ways to access Esri Business Analyst and Community Analyst:

  1. Use these direct links:
  2. Log into CU Boulder's ArcGIS Online site and click the Apps Icon:


ArcGIS Desktop Software

ArcGIS Pro

Download and install the latest version of ArcGIS Pro:

More information can be found at OIT's ArcGIS page:

Ask A Map Librarian

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