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SPAN 1000: Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature (Long): Finding Information

This is a course guide for the First Year Seminar SPAN 1000 Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature

Boolean Operators

It is helpful knowing the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. These operators help you find information in universities databases. However, not all search engines use Boolean logic. For example, you do not need to use these operators when doing a search in Google Scholar or any Google search.


Boolean logic helps you connect terms, broaden a search, and exclude terms


Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT graphic


Simple Search and Advance Search

OneSearch's Simple and Advance search provides features that will help you with your search.

Let's try a search - Find:

  • poverty AND Renaissance AND Lazarillo
  • "Golden Age" OR "siglo de oro" AND Lazarillo
  • "picaresque novel" OR "literatura picaresca"


  • Use the refine features to manage your search by full-text, content type (journal), and language.
  • You can refine your search based on the needs of your assignment.


When you download a title, you should be able to find your search terms in the abstract, or keywords, or title, and hopefully within the content.

OneSearch - Icons

Another useful feature in OneSearch are the icons.

  • Permalink
  • Cite this item                                               
  • Mail this item
  • Save this item
  • Zotero

These icons offer you a permalink (unchanged URL), allow you to send an e-mail with the bibliographic information so you can find the title later, save the title to a research management software, and find the citation. 




Google Scholar

Google Scholar or Google Académico will also offer you access to journal articles, e-book chapters, and complete e-books. 

The features Related Articles" and "Cited by" are especially important when evaluating the impact of a work. For example, if a work has been cited many times, it shows that other authors believe in the reliability of this work. Google Scholar will also alert you, if you can find a work on your own univeristy.