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SPAN 1000: Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature (Long): Bienvenidos

This is a course guide for the First Year Seminar SPAN 1000 Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature


Welcome to the Course Guide for SPAN 1000 "Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature."

Mi name is Kathia Ibacache, I am your subject specialist for Romance Languages. Please contact me if you have any questions related to your course's assignments and research.


Mindfulness moment


Black and white painting of the Lazarillo de Tormes















La ruta del Lazarillo by Medina Vera. Used under Wikimedia Commons.

We wil Cover

  • Keywords
  • Simple and advance search - finding academic articles
  • Filtering
  • Comparing Internet vs peer reviewed
  • Research techniques
  • Evaluating information

Romance Languages Librarian

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Kathia Ibacache
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