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SPAN 1000: Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature (Long): Exercises

This is a course guide for the First Year Seminar SPAN 1000 Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature

Using your Search Skills

Chose three searches and go to different sources to find information. You can use OneSearch‚Äč's basic or advance search, the databases: Project Muse and JSTOR, and the web search engines Google Scholar, and Google Académico. Compare your results.


  • "the picaro" AND "Christian society"
  • "Social inequality" AND Hispanic AND Renaissance
  • Gender AND lazarillo
  • Renaissance AND "picaresque novel"
  • "cultural differences" AND "Hispanic culture
  • Spanish ballads
  • "Latino culture" AND US OR "United States"
  • "Cultural differences" AND "Spanish-speaking world"
  • "Unfair social structures" AND "Latino culture"
  • "Cultural value" AND Latino
  • Crítica AND "sistema de indulgencias"
  • Honor OR nobleza AND Lazarillo