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Resource Access (Circulation)

Guides to accessing libraries' resources

Requests (Holds)

Library staff create requests in the Requests app. The request process can start from a user record in the Users app, or from an item record in the Inventory app; those apps will route you into the Requests app to create the request.

Requests app

  • In the Requests pane, select Actions > New.

  • In the Item information box, either scan the barcode of the requested item or enter the barcode and click Enter. The item is added to the request and its item information appears.

  • Select a Request type. The options that appear depend on the Item status of the item you are requesting.
  • Optional: Enter a Request expiration date. If the request is still open by the selected date, it closes and its status changes to Closed - Unfilled.
  • Optional: Enter any Patron comments. For example, if the patron needs the item immediately, you can note it here. Patron comments show up in the CSV report and pick slips.
  • In the Requester information box, either scan the requester’s barcode or enter the barcode and click Enter.
  • If you do not have the requester’s barcode, click Requester look-up to search for the patron:
    • In the Select User dialog, search for the requester.
    • Once you find the requester, select them from the User Search Results list. They are applied to the request and their information appears.
  • Select the Fulfillment preference.
  • Select the Pickup service point or Delivery address, depending on your selection in the previous step.
  • Click Save & close. The request is saved and the Request Detail pane appears. The patron receives an email notification saying their request was received by the library, if you have this notification configured.

Users app

  • Load user record
  • Click "Requests" drop down
  • Click "Create request" button to the right

  • The Requests app will open, continue the process described above

Inventory app

  • Load item record
  • Click the "Actions" button in the top right
  • Click "New Request"

  • The Requests app will open, continue the process described above
Searching for existing requests in the Requests app.
  • Open the Requests app
  • To search for requests by title, item barcode, or requester barcode, enter your search terms into the box on the Search & filter pane. 
    • You can also use the Request type, Request status, Request level, Tags, and Pickup service point filters to find requests or further limit your search.
    • To search for requests placed by a specific patron when you do not have their barcode available, you must look up the patron in the Users app.