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Resource Access (Circulation)

Guides to accessing libraries' resources

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Courtney McDonald

Resource Access

Library Resource Access refers to the process of allowing users to access and utilize the resources within a library, such as books, periodicals, databases, and other materials. This can be controlled through various means, such as library membership, check-out procedures, and online access for remote users. The goal is to provide users with appropriate and secure access to the resources they need, while also protecting the library's collections and ensuring that they are used in an ethical and responsible manner.


In FOLIO, resource access includes essential circulation functions. These functions include:

  • Checking out and discharging library materials
  • Renewing loaned materials
  • Checking in materials
  • Managing hold requests
  • Managing course reserves
  • Managing circulation logs
  • Creating, updating, and interacting with user (patron) records
  • Updating and interacting with item records