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Resource Access (Circulation)

Guides to accessing libraries' resources

Checking In

Select the Check in app.

  • Scan the item barcode or manually enter the barcode number and click enter
    • "In transit" pop up: May appear when an item belongs to a different service point location than it was returned to
      • Norlin Services: If this pop up appears, deselect “Print slip” and click Close 
      • Branches & Norlin Processing: If this pop up appears, click Close, select receipt printer and Print
      • Once the item arrives at the service point location where it belongs, it must be checked in again to change item status from "in transit" to "available"
    • “Multiple pieces” pop up: 
      • Click Item Details to view additional details
      • Verify all pieces are included
  • After checking in all items returned, click “End Session” button

*Receipts are automatically emailed to the patron.

Prior to backdating a returned item, please view the loan on the User record.
  • Please review an item’s Due date and Status prior to making any changes. Write down the due date and time.
  • We backdate items when there has been a delay in processing returns (Ex: holidays, breaks, etc.) or a library error. We can also backdate recently overdue tech items to their due date/time as a courtesy. 
  • We DO NOT backdate BILLED items. 
  • Please DO NOT backdate to a date before an item was due or was checked out (most relevant to our hourly loaned materials).



  • Click on the pencil icon(s) located under “Date returned” and/or “Time returned”
  • Modify date/time to match desired check in processed time
  • Scan/enter barcode and click Enter
  • Actual return and processed times can be seen by hovering over the “i” icon after item is checked in. 

Note: Circulation log only shows the time an item was processed.