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Fairy Tales in Italy and France: Get Started

French and Italian fairy tales written between 1550 and 1750: connections to each other and to contemporary fairy tales literature, film, and the arts

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Fairy tales related terms: traditions, versions, adaptations, tale collections, film, painting, story, legend, fable, fantasy, folklore, narrative, parable, tall tale, female heroines, witches, incestuos fathers, persecuted maidens, dragon slayers, heroes, magical creatures, beasts, fairy-tale fools, fantastic, magic, fictional, allegorical, G.F. Straparola, Charles Perrault, Giambattista Basile, Angela Carter, Madame Murat, Girolamo Bargagli, Boccaccio, Madame D'Aulnoy, and Mateo Garrone.

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  • Straparola AND fairytale AND analysis
  • "Le petit chaperon rouge" OR "Little Red Riding Hood"
  • "Giambattista Basile" OR Madame Murat NOT "Brothers Grimm"
  • "French fairy tale" AND symbolism
  • "Italian fairy tale" AND moral*
  • fairy tale AND film NOT Disney
  • Pinocchio AND Collodi  AND "the Adventures of Buratino"

*= morality, moralism, moral, morals