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Process: Search Terms

Develop Search Terms

Decorative Formats


Searching is driven by the words we use to conceptualize our topic or inquiry. Searching requires creativity and persistence! We have a few tips here that may help.

A Few Steps

Consider Your Research Questions or Topic

 State your research question or topic. 

Do video games increase violence in teens?


Identify Keywords or Concepts  

 What are the key concepts? Think nouns and noun phrases.

Mountain Top By Alice Noir for the Noun ProjectTip:  Tip: Get ideas from background research or textbooks.


Example Do video games increase violence  in teens?
Video Games      Violence      Teens

List Related Terms

Consider how different people or communities talk about the concept.

Consider how language has changed over time.

Think of broader terms, narrower terms, or synonyms.

Mountain Top By Alice Noir for the Noun ProjectTip:  Use a thesaurus or chat with a librarian.


Example violence, aggression, shootings, attacks
video games, gaming, gamers, computer games
teen, teens, teenagers

Consider Using Some Search Tricks

quotations to search phrases.

* an asterisk to find word variations.

AND, OR, NOT to combine terms.  

Example "video games"
aggression OR violence


Search strategies in a few steps
Step 1: State  your research topic: The impact of video games on violence in teens.
Step 2: Identify key terms: video games, teens, violence.
Step 3: Identify related terms.
Step 4: Apply search tricks
Use or to search for synonyms. Violence or aggression. Combine similar terms with or.
Use * to search word variations. Teen* will retrieve teen, teens, or teenagers.
Combine it all with And.

 Mountains by Alice Noir from the Noun Project 

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