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Good to Know Before You Start

Woman researching at a computerWhen considering a branding strategy there are a number of different approaches to research you can take. Here are some of those approaches with questions you might want to use as you begin your research.

  • Examining past branding strategies. What have others done in the past? How effective were they?
  • Building your own strategy. What is the industry you operate in? How is your company unique or different?
  • Researching your customers. Who currently purchases your product or products like it? Who would you like to buy your product? Looking at other companies in your industry who purchases their products?

About this Guide

This guide was created to support research on branding strategy.

  • Find Articles This tab will help you locate articles on branding and advertising.
  • Local Company Research This tab will help you find information on local companies and advertising agencies.
  • Consumer Information This tab will help you find information on consumers.
  • Industry Information This tab will help you find information on your industry.
  • Cite This tab will give you examples and link to more information on citing these resources in your papers.

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