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FREN 3500 (Murphy / Kilbane): Bienvenue

The class focusses on the reading and discussion of current events in the French-speaking world.


Welcome to the course guide for FREN 3500 "Current Events in the French Speaking World: Conversation and Composition." I am Kathia Ibacache, your Subject Specialist for Romance languages. Please feel free to contact me, at any time, to request a research consultation. You can also e-mail me: or call me: 303-492-3134.

People protesting in France May 2019

La France Insoumise by Touam Provided by Wikipedia Commons.

Topic Covered in this Guide

Get Started
  • Evaluating information
  • Newspapers: investigative, opinion, analysis
  • Research question

Find Sources

  • background sources
  • Keywords
  • Boolean operators
  • Databases - Newspapers

Places to look

  • Online newspapers
  • French grammar sources

MLA citation

Romance Languages Librarian

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Kathia Ibacache
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