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FREN 3500 (Murphy / Kilbane): Final Project

The class focusses on the reading and discussion of current events in the French-speaking world.

Start with a Question

  • Think about topics you would like to investigate
  • Choose a topic:

Sometimes the topic is too broad: Example:

  • Macron AND France (this topic is too broad)
  • Macron AND presidency issues (Ok, but still a little too broad)
  • Macron AND pension reform OR transportation strikes (the topic now can be shaped into a question)‚Äč
    • How has the reevaluation or concession of Macron's pension reform appealed or not French unions?


  • Brainstorm your keywords and related terms related to your topic
  • Search in OneSearch OR go directly to a newspaper database
  • Today will try the newspaper database: Factiva

You can also find Factiva by going to OneSearch:  ⇒ A-Z Databases ⇒ Type Factiva in the search tab

  • In the Search Form tab, type your search terms
    • For example, I am going to type: le réchauffement climatique
  • In Date you want to select "In the last five years"or any date that is better for your research
  • In Source you can type the name of a newspaper you know or the pronoun: le or la (common French pronouns) 
  • You will see a list of newspapers that start with these common French pronouns. Some French newspapers are: Le Monde, Le Figaro, L'Equipe, Le Parisien, Les Echos, L'Humanité, La Croix, la Tribune, etc.
  • Your selected newspapers will appear in yellow
  • Scroll down to RegionHere you want to select France
  • Language: Choose French
  • Click on Search

The result page should list the articles. Bellow the article's heading you will see the date and the amount of words. The amount of words is important because at least one source should be a long-form journalism piece (1,000 or more words).


Openly Available Image Sources

These sources include images, videos and music that can be freely reused. Images are made available under creative commons licenses or public domain. Learn more about  rights, ownership and attribution.


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