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FREN 3500 (Murphy / Kilbane): Citation

The class focusses on the reading and discussion of current events in the French-speaking world.

MLA Citation & Attribution Examples


Book Citation

Stivine, Romuald, and Vito del Forte. Paris Street Art. Munich: Prestel, 2008. 

Journal Article Citation

Blanchard, Sophie, and Romain Talamoni. "Street Art Et Mise En Tourisme De La Métropole Parisienne, Des Festivals Aux Street Art Tours." Echogéo, no. 44, 2018.

Newspaper Article

Grey, Tobias. "Te\he Best International Street Art in Paris: French Street Artist Christian Guému's Guide to the Best Works in the French Capital's Vitry-Sur-Seine Neighborhood."Wall Street Journal (Online), 2014.

Films or Movies

Lucas, George, director. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Twentieth Century Fox, 1977.

Television Shows

"The One Where Chandler Can't Cry." Friends: The Complete Sixth Season, written by Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen, directed by Kevin Bright, Warner Brothers, 2004.

Attribution (using an image from flickr)

Dan. Paris Street Art. 2012, Flickr, used under the Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0.

Some examples taken from: MLA Works Cited: Other Common Sources


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