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OneSearch Production site, powered by new EDS UI:

OneSearch Test site (testeds profile):

eHost Test site (ehost profile): 


Historical Information

cat09225a (old) and cat09807a (new)


Feedback Workflow

Feedback is gathered in a variety of ways:

OneSearch feedback form, OneSearch Broken Link form, Meetings, Presentations, Teams, and Emails. Feedback gathered is recorded for OneSearch in Feedback and Reports. A Response bank and complaints database has been provided by Communications.

OneSearch Feedback Form Process:

Email Patron to thank/ask for further clarification. If enhancement/bug not already reported, report to EBSCOConnect and record on GitHub. Record and Code in Feedback Form. Once every one or two months go into Qualtrics and copy/paste full values into MODS spreadsheet. Use FOLIO spreadsheet (automatically gets the values from MODS, minus identifying information) to write a report and send to Stakeholders.

VuFind Feedback Process:

If enhancement/bug not already reported, report to IndexData via FreshDesk and cc,,,,, Record and code in Feedback Form. Use FOLIO spreadsheet to write a report and send to Stakeholders.

Interlibrary Loan


For OneSearch: Physical Catalog books show a chapter scan link, Physical Catalog Serials show an article scan link. These are set up in eds customlinks.

For CU Full Text: Button plus link at the bottom (in case button does not work)

For VuFind: Link to ILL page at bottom of the screen. Sometimes link to ILL form can be found in the MARC. Unlike EDS customlinks these do not have pre-filled information in them.


For preprocessing logic to work (provided by IDS), ILL forms need to have the following information: ISSN. See IDS Logic, Rapid Routing Rules. OneSearch currently does not always including an ISSN number

ILL Stats - Google Sheets


How is relevance ranking determined in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)?

Local Documentation:

  • We default our relevancy ranking to Search Mode Find all my search terms. We have not set up Precision Operator or Distance.
  • In the New EDS UI we cannot change Search Mode to SmartText, boolean, or any.
  • We have added an extra weight to records from the catalog and from A-Z Databases.


Both CU Full Text (EBSCO Link Resolver) and A-Z Databases (Publication Finder) are powered by EBSCO Holdings, which is our Knowledgebase. The knowledgebase serves as one of the sources of our library holdings/entitlements. The other source is FOLIO. The Knowledgebase does the following:

  • Connects OneSearch records to the full text through the CU Full Text customlink.
  • Connects the CU Full Text button or link on sites like Google Scholar or PubMed to electronic full text.
  • Powers the BrowZine products (Browzine, Libkey, Libkey Nomad)
  • Is used for monthly sends to WorldShare and RapidILL to inform our ILL partners about our eResource holdings.
  • Is the basis by which we receive EBSCO MARC, which is side-loaded in the library catalog in order to make eResources findable.

Holdings (KB and Catalog) Uploads

eJournals loaded to Rapid - Steve, using KB

FOLIO holdings loaded to Rapid - Quarterly - Emily, using FOLIO

eJournals loaded to OCLC WorldShare - Steve, using KB

Goal: For ILL Lending