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Library Catalog

The Library Catalog Final Site, powered by VuFind and hosted by IndexData:

Preproduction site:,

Production Site, powered by VuFind and hosted by IndexData:

Old catalog:

Feedback Workflow

Feedback is gathered in a variety of ways:

OneSearch feedback form, OneSearch Broken Link form, Meetings, Presentations, Teams, and Emails. Feedback gathered is recorded for OneSearch in Feedback and Reports. A Response bank and complaints database has been provided by Communications.

OneSearch Feedback Form Process:

Email Patron to thank/ask for further clarification. If enhancement/bug not already reported, report to EBSCOConnect and record on GitHub. Record and Code in Feedback Form. Once every one or two months go into Qualtrics and copy/paste full values into MODS spreadsheet. Use FOLIO spreadsheet (automatically gets the values from MODS, minus identifying information) to write a report and send to Stakeholders.

VuFind Feedback Process:

If enhancement/bug not already reported, report to IndexData via FreshDesk and cc,,,,, Record and code in Feedback Form. Use FOLIO spreadsheet to write a report and send to Stakeholders.

Logging In

Identikey Users: Login with Identikey. FOLIO accounts are matched using the Username in the identikey with the username in the FOLIO account. 

Non-identikey Users: Include a variety of user types. Login with Card Number for both username and password. If they are not able to get access to their account they will need to contact

FOLIO Load schedule

FOLIO Loads to VuFind will happen on the hour. The display and main search should update hourly. The browse searches will update overnight.

MARC Record Loads will happen nightly. IndexData will go into the EBSCO downloads file at 4 am MTN daily and sideload to VuFind. These records will have 001 ebs#, 003 EBZ, and 035 EBZ(ebs#). They will also have an 856 link $z Connect to resource (UBoulder PFUI) 

Patron Loads from OIT to FOLIO/VuFind will happen daily.

FOLIO Loads to OneSearch will happen daily.

RTAC pulls are real-time. These will show location, call number, status, and Place a hold.

For more cataloging info see FOLIO Cataloging Resources.


Mapping information can be found in the VuFind Index File. You can see FOLIO mapping in this Index Data Folder.

When receiving mapping questions from patrons or library staff that are related to how the catalog is structured in FOLIO please forward to the following cataloging members: Claire, Emily, Chris, Jim, Donna, Lauren (Law).

OIT has a FOLIO integration chart. We have a list of VuFind integrations. Law has a list of MARC Batchloading standards.

Online Links

Links to electronic access at CU Boulder can be found in 856 40, 856 41 and 956 40. Most of our links to non full text (forms, TOC, etc.) are in the 856 42.

The 856 40 $z syntax for non-gov doc items is as follows:

Online Access
Full Text (via [Database])
Streaming Video (via [Database])
Streaming Audio (via [Database])

Law link text documentation mirrors this.

Instances which have multiple links to online content (such as El tercer planeta) need to be reviewed and a syntax decided on.

Placing Holds

The following statuses will show a "Place a Hold" link: Available, awaiting delivery, awaiting pickup, checked out, in process, in transit, missing, on order, order closed, paged, restricted.

The following statuses will not show a "Place a Hold" link: Aged to lost, claimed returned, declared lost, in process (not requestable), intellectual item, long missing, lost and paid, unavailable, unknown, withdrawn

The following material types will not show a "Place a Hold" link [STILL WORKING ON]:

  • Boulder: 3 Day Tech Items, 4 Hour Tech Items, Artwork ACQ, 3D item semester loan, Reserves
  • Law: journal, DVD: No Prospector

InterLibrary Loan


For OneSearch: Physical Catalog books show a chapter scan link, Physical Catalog Serials show an article scan link. These are set up in eds customlinks.

For CU Full Text: Button plus link at the bottom (in case button does not work)

For VuFind: Link to ILL page at bottom of the screen. Sometimes link to ILL form can be found in the MARC. Unlike EDS customlinks these do not have pre-filled information in them.


For preprocessing logic to work (provided by IDS), ILL forms need to have the following information: ISSN. See IDS Logic, Rapid Routing Rules. OneSearch currently does not always including an ISSN number

ILL Stats - Google Sheets

Making Changes to Locations, Material Types, or Service Points

Decision Making

All decision making about adding/deleting the below follows CTA's decision making list


OneSearch and VuFind: Control the side filter for locations (we can alter the text). Also show up via RTAC under individual items (we cannot alter the text.)  How to Check for Location Updates

Material Type

OneSearch and VuFind: Control if the Place Hold link appears.

Service Points

OneSearch and VuFind: Control the drop down for Place Holds.

Patron Mapping

OneSearch and VuFind: email field in FOLIO aligns with email field in Shibboleth


Loan Types and Status show up via RTAC.