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OneSearch Production site, powered by new EDS UI:

OneSearch Test site (testeds profile):

eHost Test site (ehost profile): 


What content is included in my EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) profile?
EBSCO Discovery Service Partner Database Information
Search for "EDS Partner Databases Added YYYY"

Local Documentation:

  • The Indexes control what metadata (records) can be searched in OneSearch.
  • Some indexes are open source. Others have open metadata but you must purchase for full text. Others are closed unless you subscribe, and you must email EBSCO to add.


cat09225a (old) and cat09807a (new)

Exclude the Place Hold Button on these items

CU Main

Material Types
3D item 4 hour loan
3D item 3 day loan
3D item semester loan
Reserves Artworks
952 i = material type, 952 |b Boulder Campus


952 i = material type, 952 |b Law Campus

Feedback Workflow

Feedback is gathered in a variety of ways:

OneSearch feedback form, OneSearch Broken Link form, Meetings, Presentations, Teams, and Emails. Feedback gathered is recorded for OneSearch in Feedback and Reports. A Response bank and complaints database has been provided by Communications.

OneSearch Feedback Form Process:

Email Patron to thank/ask for further clarification. If enhancement/bug not already reported, report to EBSCOConnect and record on GitHub. Record and Code in Feedback Form. Once every one or two months go into Qualtrics and copy/paste full values into MODS spreadsheet. Use FOLIO spreadsheet (automatically gets the values from MODS, minus identifying information) to write a report and send to Stakeholders.

VuFind Feedback Process:

In VuFind Set up folder. Currently recording Missing MARC, By Subject Review List, VuFind Configuration Librarian UX test notes, Branding Review. Record enhancement/bug on Google Sheets.

Interlibrary Loan



For OneSearch: Physical Catalog items show a link to ILL & Prospector, Electronic Catalog Items do not. Electronic items with no full text show as a link to Prospector (if book) and ILL (all). Table.


Branding Document


For preprocessing logic to work (provided by IDS), ILL forms need to have the following information: ISSN. See IDS Logic, Rapid Routing Rules

Borrowing Analysis

ILL Stats - Google Sheets

Current Issues

OneSearch not including an ISSN number

OneSearch book chapters not always going to book chapters


How is relevance ranking determined in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)?

Local Documentation:

  • We default our relevancy ranking to Search Mode Find all my search terms. We have not set up Precision Operator or Distance.
  • In the New EDS UI we cannot change Search Mode to SmartText, boolean, or any.
  • We have added an extra weight to records from the catalog and from A-Z Databases.