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MBA Resources: Business Research Resources

Finding Business Research Resources

The best place to begin your research for all of your courses and assignments while at Leeds is the William M. White Business Library website. While you are enrolled at CU you have access to many fabulous business research resources. The best way to make sure you able to login to these resources is through the library website. 

The easiest way to determine which databases are best for your information needs is to use our Business Portal

At the the top of that page you will find recommended database links by major business area (such as accounting, finance, management, marketing/advertising).

Below that you will find our Guides. The guides are created by librarians and help to find resources by subject area (such as company research, financial research industry research, marketing research, etc.). We also have course guides that were created for specific classes. These guides not only include links to resources the library subscribes to, but also include links to other useful resources like the relevant Census surveys, or other types of governmental information.

Introduction to Business Library Website

Ask A Business Librarian