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MBA Resources: Get Started

Using this Guide

This guide is meant to assist you with learning about library services and resources that you may use throughout your program. The library subscribes to thousands of journals and proprietary databases, so sometimes navigating all of our resources can be tricky. 

This is when talking to a librarian, and especially your friendly business librarians, can be a valuable experience for you. We can help you navigate our resources and find information you need that will help you complete assignments and support your research. Knowing how information resources are created, produced and disseminate is our specialty. We are here to support you and help you navigate the information ecosystem. We can also help narrow or broaden a research topic, or talk through a research idea with you. Use the links in the right column to contact us with any and all questions!


Using the Library

Do I have access to articles and data off campus?

Yes! Even though you may never actually visit the William M. White Business Library in Boulder, you can access nearly all of the proprietary resources online using your CU identikey. When clicking on the the links from one of the library guides or the catalog just enter your identikey when prompted. The few exceptions are marked with a VPN icon (super easy download from CU OIT here).

What about copyright? May I share documents with others outside of CU?

The library collections are subject to these terms of use. If you are planning to use the data solely for your own commercial interests, you should absolutely not do that, as it is a violation of our terms of use. Violations risk shutting down access for everyone. Ask us if you have any questions!

How do I find it all?

Library guides like this one are great places to start. You can browse the Business Portal to look for business resources by research topic or business area, search the catalog or OneSearch, find articles by format or talk to your librarian.

What if I can't find it online?

You have options!

What kind of help is available?

Summer 2023: Major System Updates

You'll notice some changes as we work.
  • New Library Catalog: try it out and tell us what you think
  • Prospector will be unavailable from May 19 through Spring 2024. 

Full details on our library services platform migration project & timeline.

Ask A Business Librarian