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LGBTQ+ Wikipedia Editing: New Entries

Creating a new article

Creating a brand new article can be a daunting task. You'll want to make sure you have gathered several sources on your subject. To create a new Wikipedia page search for the exact name with proper capitalization in Wikipedia. You’ll get a message this article doesn’t exist and you can click a link to begin creating that article. You may want to craft your article before putting it out there. In that case build the article in your sandbox first.

Remember You should not edit articles on yourself, your friends, your family, or even your foes.

Establishing Notability

If you’re creating a new article you need to establish notability. Generally notability is established by inclusion in sources:

"People are presumed notable if they have received significant coverage in multiple published secondary sources that are reliable, intellectually independent of each other, and independent of the subject."

There is no hard number of sources that are required, but generally at least three is a good starting point. It will often depend on the depth of the coverage in the sources and whether or not the mentions are trivial. There are additional ways to demonstrate and unique standards for notability for people in various professions.

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