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LGBTQ+ Wikipedia Editing: Adding to Lists

LGBT Lists

Adding to a Bulleted List

For simple bulleted lists, adding a new entry is simple. Start editing the list article, find where your entry would go, add a line and type in the info. You can then create a link to the person's wikipedia article. Afterwards you'll add a citation to documentation (see next section).

Adding a Citation

When you add someone to a list, you are required to add a citation to document that the person belongs on the list. For living people, this source should verify that they are publicly out. To add a citation in the visual editor simply click the cite button along the top to insert a footnote where your cursor is. You can do an automatic citation if you have a link or ISBN (all books will have one, usually on a front page), or click manual to type in the citation information.

Adding to a Table-formated List