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Introduction to Archival Research

Get started understanding how to find and use archival collections in your school work, professional research, or family research.

Research access and requests

Reading Room Access

Physical access to archival materials is only possible within the Reading Room in Norlin Library. Our Reading Room policies and hours of operation can be found on the Rare and Distinctive Collections webpage: 

Please note that physical access to Norlin Library may continue to be affected by the Libraries' response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Appointments to use the Reading Room are not required, but are encouraged. If you send us a research request before you arrive, we can have material ready for you. You can also make your request to directly to the archivist on duty, who will send for your material to be brought to the Reading Room. See the "Visiting Archives" tab in this guide for more information about what to expect when using an archival Reading Room. 

Virtual Access

We are also able to fill remote research requests by sending PDF scans or other images of specific archival material. The volume of material you can request may be limited, due to staff time and resources, and there may be a charge for reproductions, depending on the format of the material requested. 

Requesting Material

To make a request for Reading Room access or for research scans, send an email to rad@colorado.eduInclude as much information as possible about what you'd like to see: 

  • Collection name and collection number (COU:###)
  • Series number and series name
  • Box, folder, or item number - as much detail as available

If you are unsure what material you would like to request, you can send us an email to start a conversation or to schedule a consultation. 



Rare and Distinctive Collections


Classroom: Norlin N345

Reading Room: Norlin M350B