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Introduction to Archival Research

Get started understanding how to find and use archival collections in your school work, professional research, or family research.

Access and Use of Archival Material

Black and white photograph of woman in CU Boulder archives stacks, looking through documents

Image credit: Norlin Library interior (1966), Box 121, Image 9418-11, Series 1: Photolab, University of Colorado Publicity Offices collection, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries
Understanding access restrictions Culturally protected records Making FOIA and other requests
Copyright and use Citing archival material  

This guide provides some preliminary information about legal issues like Copyright, Fair Use, and Public Domain. These sources do not constitute legal advice. You are responsible for making your own educated judgments when using copyrighted material.



Rare and Distinctive Collections


Classroom: Norlin N345

Reading Room: Norlin M350B