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National Poetry Month: Community Poem 2023

Photograph of the 2023 National Poetry Month collaborative poem.

...we were all meant for something.

or maybe absolutely nothing

The moon shines upon the snow

Two swallows dance

The moon reflects the snow & my eyes reflect the moon

wolves howl at the full moon

hand in hand. Are you sure this is where you want to go?

As the North Wind Blows, the squirrel goes down below

[...transcription / translation forthcoming...]

The acorn grows.

Time passes things change

And running under it all this tunnel vision of love

Obey ~ Receive ~ Believe

All will come and all will be seen in Due time

[...transcription / translation forthcoming...]

And when sight ends, still the song

Rings through the night, into the dawn

[...transcription / translation forthcoming...]

like a million trees forming an ocean of green

the universe, yah know?

My Queen/King, My empress/emperor, my beautiful nebula, love yourself for you are the 8th wonder of the world.

The art of knowing, the burden of knowledge...

Knowledge that we are human, and the beauty that comes with thought...

Howl at the moon!

Si me quieres, quiéreme entera, no en zonas de luz o sombra [if you love me, love me whole, not in areas of light or shadow]

[...transcription / translation forthcoming...]

That love transcends space, time, and body

Like the warmth of melted honey, that's how it feels when you look at me...

But when I look at you, all I see are swirls of green

And blue, like the sea, is how I see you

Swim with manatees, sharks will bite

how strange are our reflections in the sand.

tornado warnings become sweet melodies of grace.

And when I'm looking at my life, painkillers only put me in the twilight.

Do not go gentle into that goodnight

The water knows!

and one day, the water will share her secrets.

About National Poetry Month 2023

This year’s celebration takes as inspiration the poem "The Carrying" by Ada Limón, and its final line:

“...we were all meant for something.”

Community members were invited to visit the East Entrance of Norlin Library on April 5th, 2023 and April 6th, 2023 to create poetry in community, engage with librarians and receive a pocket poem to carry throughout the day. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

National Poetry Month April 2023 poster