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MKTG 3350 Marketing Research (John Lynch): Cite Your Sources

This is a guide for John Lynch's sections of MKTG 3350

Cite a Scholarly Article


Image of article title, journal, date, authors for article titled "Informed traders: linking legal insider trading and share repurchases"

The ProQuest article record above does not include a DOI. The APA Style strongly encourages authors to cite a DOI (if available). In this instance, the journal's website provided the article DOI.

  • Chan, K., Ikenberry, D. L., Lee, I., & Wang, Y. (2012). Informed traders: Linking legal insider trading and share repurchases. Financial Analysts Journal, 68(1), 60-73. DOI:10.2469/faj.v68.n1.3

How to Cite IBISWorld

Screencapture of IBISWorld Smartphone App Developers industry report. 

  • Kahn, S. (2015, May). Smartphone app developers in the US (IBISWorld Industry Report No. OD5817). Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

Cite Data-Planet

Screenshot of title section of Data Planet table on Student Population from the Graduation Rates dataset




Citing information retrieved from Data-Planet can be treated either as a graphical representation of data or as an entry in a reference work.

  • Author/Institutional Author. (Year). [Description of graphical representation of data]. Dataset name. Retrieved from [url]
  • Author/Institutional Author. (Year). Title of table. In Editor (Eds.), Title of reference work (pp. x-x). DOI or Retrieved from [url]

It is also acceptable to use the suggested citation Data-Planet includes at the bottom of each table. If you don't see a DOI, look for the "Create DOI (link)" just under the table.

  • National Center for Education Statistics (2016). Graduation Rates - All Students at Postsecondary Schools: Student Population | State: Colorado | Educational Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder | Gender: All Genders | Race: All Races/Ethnicities, 2003 - 2013. Data-Planet™ Statistical Datasets by Conquest Systems, Inc. [Data-file]. Dataset-ID: 017-012-001 DOI:10.6068/DP1529EAC14C90

Cite a Dataset

Screenshot of title of downloadable dataset called University of Washington Beyond High School




The basic format for citing datasets in APA style is:

Author/Institutional Author. (Year). Title of data set (Version number) [Description of form]. DOI or Available from [url].

  • Hirschman, C. and Almgren, G. (2015). University of Washington - Beyond High School (UW-BHS). (ICPSR33321-v4). [Data file and codebook]. Available from
  • Note: use "retrieved from" only when the link is a direct download of the data file. Otherwise, use "available from" to indicate that the data is available to be retrieved from this site.

It is also acceptable to use the preferred or suggested citation provided on the page where you retrieved the data. For example:

  • Hirschman, Charles, and Gunnar Almgren. University of Washington - Beyond High School (UW-BHS). ICPSR33321-v4. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2015-01-16.

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