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What is an academic journal?

An academic ("scholarly") journal is a periodical publication in which researchers publish their scholarship. These journals serve as a way for new ideas to be presented, debated, and available to other researchers. The articles published in academic journals are written by experts, for experts, and are often very specific, use technical language, and are narrow in their scope.They are not meant for the general public.

  • Original research articles are written by researchers who conducted new research and are publishing the results.
  • Review articles (or "literature reviews") provide a summary of the work published on a given topic over a specific time frame.
  • You find these types of articles in library databases and Google Scholar.

Find Communication Journals

Find Communication Journals

The International Communication Association publishes a number of important journals in the field. Their website provides information about each of the following journals, association affiliated conferences, groups, and related resources.

Click on the following journal names to browse them through the libraries: