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Archival Sources for Media Production

Guide to finding archival film, video, audio, and other material for creative re-use in media production, both within the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries' Archives and at other institutions. Includes information on understanding fair use and copy

Direct download

The following collections contain video, audio, images, and other archival material that is available for both streaming and direct download. You are still responsible for verifying the copyright status of downloaded material and for following fair use and copyright guidelines when re-using this material. For media production, you may require higher-resolution copies of media than the ones available directly from the website or the access copy available online may include a watermark on the image. Contact the host organization or institution to request a more usable copy, if necessary.

Streaming access

The following online collections provide streaming access to archival film, video, and audio recordings. These websites themselves do not allow direct download of media files. If you identify material that you would like to use, contact the host organization or institution for information on how to receive a usable copy of the item. Each institution will have its own regulations and/or fees for re-use of material. 

If you need assistance navigating this process, contact CU Boulder's Moving Image Archivist,

Other sources

This links above are a just a few of the many places to access archival media content online. If you find other material - via Youtube, Google search, or elsewhere - you may be able to contact the institution or organization that posted the file for more information about the production and copyright status, or to request a higher-resolution version of the material. 

Additionally - the vast majority of archival media content has not yet been digitized and made available to stream. Many archival institutions, like the CU Boulder Archives, hold more material that can be digitized by request, though you may be asked to cover the cost of digitization.

Rare and Distinctive Collections


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