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ENGL 3026 Syntax, Citation, Analysis: Writing about Literature (Brylowe): Resources for Literary Analysis

From Your Syllabus: Formal Analysis of a Poem

“Formal” here means analysis of form, not proper or official. This assignment asks students to analyze a poem line-by-line, with attention to its grammatical usage. In writing this assignment, you will use the skills you have been developing to analyze sentence structure in another’s text while simultaneously writing with attention to your own. The audience will be academic: fellow students and scholars of poetry. The purpose is to persuade readers that your interpretation of the poet’s argument is right. You’ll produce a rough draft of this assignment, go through a peer-review process, and then revise a final draft. You will write a reflection on your process as well. (5-8 pages)

Core Online Reference Sources


Other Useful Literary or Reference Sources