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Anti-Racism Resources: Teach

This guide is intended to connect the CU community with an array of anti-racism resources to contribute to learning, dialogue, and change.

We act in solidarity with libraries all over the world as we affirm that knowledge is a sacred trust for all people. We commit to facilitating and navigating the vast fields of information in the 21st century to advance values encapsulated in the term ‘Paideia.’ To cite the philosopher/activist Cornel West:

“Paideia is an ancient Greek word that literally means ‘education.’ When we use it today, it means a deep education that connects you to profound issues in serious ways. It instructs us to turn our attention from the superficial to the substantial, from the frivolous to the serious. Paideia concerns the cultivation of the self, the ways you engage your own history, your own memories, your own mortality, your own sense of what it means to be alive as a critical, loving, aware human being.” 

(Cornel West, Living and Loving Out Loud, p. 22)

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Teaching Anti-Racism

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