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Good to Know Before you Start


Normative vs Positive Research Types

 Accounting research is hard to define because it is continually evolving. Early accounting research (pre-1960) was mostly normative (arguing for what should be). Today, accounting research is predominantly positive (examining what is, rather than what should be). This change over time has resulted in a substantial increase in research output in the accounting field. 

Topical Areas for Accounting Research

Accounting Information Systems (AIS); Auditing; Financial; Managerial; Tax

About this Guide

Use the tabs across the top or the links below to find Accounting and Tax Information:

  • Articles and News: Check out this tab for information on legislation, expert analyses on accounting, auditing, and SEC information. 
  • Financial Analysis: These sources will provide current and historical financial statements, investment data, and Industry ratios. 
  • Standards and Regulations: Find accounting standards and relevant trade organizations here.  
  • Accounting and Tax Firms: Search here for local and national accounting firms. 
  • Associations and Agencies: Look here for a list of major local and national accounting agencies. 

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