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IEC Level 6 Reading Cause and Effect: How to Search

Searching in OneSearch

This is a brief introduction to using OneSearch

Start with a Simple Search

Let's start with a simple search, we can look up "Online Dating" and look at the first five results:

These results are good scholarly resources, these are articles are:

  • Published in peer reviewed journals
  • Written by researchers
  • Have had their research reviewed by other researchers

BUT there are several challengins issues:

  • The topic of each article is EXTREMELY specific
  • If you are just starting to research the effects of online dating, there articles do not provide easy explanations
  • The English is very technical and specialized, even native English speakers may not understand words in the articles.

Find Sources with Easier English Using Filters

To find information sources with more everyday English, you will want to use Filters. On the left of OneSerach search results, there are filters that can help you locate resources. Let's use the "Newspaper Article" and "Magazine" article filters, as well as the Full Text Online filter.

Add more Keyworlds For Better Results

You will notice that your search results are very general. Although every article is about online dating, they don't have much in common. To get better results, you should add more keywords.

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