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IEC Level 6 Reading Cause and Effect: Home


Welcome to the Libraries' session for the IEC Level 6 writing class. This guide will help you with your cause and effect paper. You will learn to:

  1. Use the University Libraries' search Engine OneSearch
  2. Think about related keywords for your topic.
  3. Assess your search results to choose helpful information sources.
  4. Look at your search search results to learn new vocabulary about your cause and effect topic.
  5. Understand the difference between newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journal articles.
    • We will specifically focus on magazines because the English is more accessible to English language learners.
  6. Assess information sources for their quality.

The University Libraries Website

The Libraries' website is:

You can begin searching for resources on your topic from the Libraries' homepage.

OneSearch, The Libraries' Search Engine

We will use the topic online dating to demonstrate how to use OneSearch.

Japanese & Korean Studies Librarian

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Adam Lisbon