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IEC Level 6 Reading Cause and Effect: Cause and Effect

The Cause and Effect Assignment

For your assignment you have chosen a topic and will explore it's causes and effects: topics you could choose include:

  • What are the reasons why individuals use online dating websites?
  • Explain how technology is changing the way people learn languages.
  • What causes social media sites to lose popularity?
  • What are the social effects of everyone on the planet having cell phones?
  • Does online shopping cause people to spend more money?
  • What are the effects of online video games on college students?
  • What are the causes of cyber bullying?
  • What are the effects of cyber bullying?
  • What are the positive or negative effects that smartphones have had on the communication practices of college-aged students?

To learn to use OneSearch, we will research Online Dating.

image credit: Kevin Phillips

Causes: What Causes People to Use Online Dating Services?

You can probably think of some basic reasons that people would use online dating websites:

  • People want to meet a partner
  • It is hard to meet someone face to face today

Effects: How Does Online Dating Effect People?

What happens to people who do online dating?

  • Are they happier, sadder? How does online dating affect emotions?
  • Is there a financial effect related to online dating?

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