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Good to Know Before you Start

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Are you looking for one single number or a series of data?
If you are looking for a single number then those databases that reference datasets are going to require you to download a large quantity of data to run your analysis. 

Are you looking for charts and graphs or do you plan to create those yourself?
Some databases will only find the numbers you need. Other databases are more in-depth and will let you output charts, graphs and sometimes even maps.


Are you looking for US or foreign data?
The majority of the sources in this guide will be for the United States, but if the source provides international coverage, that is the place to go for foreign data.

About This Guide

This guide focuses on financial research and data. 

  • Securities:  This tab provides equity pricing, investment reports, stock prices, and downloadable data.
  • Funds: Look here for analyst reports and historical charts of financial data. 
  • Commodities: This tab lists sources for U.S. and international commodity statistics. 
  • Banking: Look here for information on banking, IMF data, and statistics. 
  • Company & Industry Data: Search here for industry ratios, private and public company financials, and downloadable data.
  • Economic Data: This tab provides sources for historical economic data, as well as global development data. 

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