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Find Fiction

Norlin has a wide variety of popular, general, obscure, English and foreign fiction titles, including a good collection of standard literature titles.Unlike at public libraries, fiction tends to be classified by author nationality, national literature tradition and/or language.

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Explore the Popular Reading Collection

Browsing CollectionThe collection includes current bestsellers and other popular titles.

The collection is located on the 2nd Floor of Norlin, near the Circulation Desk.

As new books arrive, older titles are removed. 


14 days  1 renewal.

Replacement cost: $15.00
Processing fee: $10.00
Billing fee: $10.00


Recently Added Titles

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Browse the stacks for English Language Literature

American literature: PS1-3576 (Norlin Stacks, 3C)

American literature, 1900-1960: PS3500-PS3549

American literature, 1961-2000: PS3550-PS3576

American literature, 2001- : PS3600-PS3626

British literature: PR 6050-6126 (Norlin Stacks, 3C)

British literature, 1900-1960: PR6000-PR6049

British literature, 1961-2000: PR6050-PR6076

British literature, 2001-: PR6100-PR6126

Canadian literature: PS8001-PS8599 (Norlin Stacks, 3C)

Asian, African, Australian, New Zealand and Caribbean Literature written in English: PR9199-PR9639 (Norlin Stacks, 3C)


Prospector borrowing is on pause. You may still be able to request materials not available at CU. Learn more...