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Finding World Literature

Norlin has a large collection of new and older fiction from round the world, including literature from China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain and more!

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PG Slavic, Baltic, Albanian languages (Norlin Stacks, 3B)

Slavic literature PG500-585

Russian literature PG2900-3698

Ukrainian PG3801-3987

Czech PG4001-5146

Slovak PG5201-5546

Polish PG6001-7446

Lithuanian PG8501-8772

Latvian PG8801-9146

Albanian PG9501-9665

PH Uralic, Basque languages (Norlin Stacks, 3B)

Finnish PH101-405

Hungarian PH2001-3445 

Basque PH5001-5490

PJ Oriental languages and literatures (Norlin Stacks, 3B)

Arabic Literature PJ 7501-8517

PK Indo-Iranian languages and literatures (Norlin Stacks, 3B)

Hindi Literature PK 2030-2142

Persian Literature PK 6400-6599.7

PL Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania 

Chinese Literature PL 2250-3208

Japanese Literature PL 700-889

Korean Literature PL 950-998

PQ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese literature (Norlin Stacks, 3B and C)

French literature PQ1-3999

Italian literature PQ4001-5999

Spanish Literature, PQ6001-8929

Portuguese Literature, PQ9000-9999

Literature of Spanish America PQ 7081-8560

PT German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish literature (Norlin Stacks, 3C)

German literature PT1-4897

Dutch literature PT5001-5980

Flemish literature since 1830 PT6000-6466.36

Afrikaans literature PT6500-6592.36

Scandinavian literature PT7001-7099

Modern Icelandic literature PT7351-7550

Danish literature PT7601-8260

Norwegian literature PT8301-9155

Swedish literature PT9201-9999


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