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Open CU Boulder


Open CU Boulder
The University of Colorado System is embarking on a multi-campus OER initiative that leverages existing infrastructure, expertise, advocacy, and leadership support to quickly scale OER awareness, evaluation, and adoption across the campuses. Open CU will have a positive impact on thousands of students in financial savings and will increase the quality of student learning experiences.

This opportunity is sponsored by Open CU, a grant funded project from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Open CU Boulder is coordinated by the University Libraries OER Leads and Associate Dean, Leslie Reynolds.

Open CU Boulder goals:

  • Encourage alternatives to high cost course materials through OER adoption, adaptation, or creation.

  • Encourage a teaching culture that explores new pedagogical models for learning.

  • Lower the cost of learning for students at CU Boulder.

  • Increase the number of students who have access to required course materials.

  • Increase the number of faculty advocating for OER.


OER Grant Opportunities

  • OER Creation or Adaptation: 2022-2023. Applications closed.
  • OER Creation or Adaptation: 2021-2022. Applications closed.
  • OER Creation or Adaptation: 2020-2021. Applications closed.
  • OER Review Spring 2020: Applications closed.
  • Course OER Adoption Initiative AY19-20: Applications closed.
  • OER Review Spring 2019: Applications closed.


Contact the CU Boulder OER Leads Caroline Sinkinson, Merinda McLure, and Melissa Cantrell.


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