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Open CU Boulder


Open CU Boulder
The University of Colorado System is embarking on a multi-campus OER initiative that leverages existing infrastructure, expertise, advocacy, and leadership support to quickly scale OER awareness, evaluation, and adoption across the campuses. Open CU will have a positive impact on thousands of students in financial savings and will increase the quality of student learning experiences.

This opportunity is sponsored by Open CU, a grant funded project from the Colorado Department of Higher Education with additional support from CU Office of the President, CU Office of Academic Affairs, and the Office of the Provost. Open CU Boulder is coordinated by the University Libraries OER Leads and Associate Dean, Leslie Reynolds.

Open CU Boulder goals:

  • Encourage alternatives to high cost course materials through OER adoption, adaptation, or creation.

  • Encourage a teaching culture that explores new pedagogical models for learning.

  • Lower the cost of learning for students at CU Boulder.

  • Increase the number of students who have access to required course materials.

  • Increase the number of faculty advocating for OER.


OER Grant Opportunities

  • OER Creation or Adaptation: 2020-2021. Applications closed.
  • OER Review Spring 2020: Applications closed.
  • Course OER Adoption Initiative AY19-20: Applications closed.
  • OER Review Spring 2019: Applications closed.


Contact the CU Boulder OER Leads Caroline Sinkinson, Merinda McLure, and Melissa Cantrell.


Open Book on Black Background by George Hodan licensed under CC0 on


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