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Graham, Don. (2017) "Bee on a Red Sunflower."

One Seed is a community gardening project from University Libraries at the University of Colorado Boulder. Modeled after popular "One Read" library programs where members of a community read the same book, One Seed invites members of the university community and beyond to grow red sunflowers, exploring their unique story, scientific background, and connection to vibrant archival and special collections at University Libraries.

Grow Sunflowers with University Libraries

 From May through September of 2022, we'll be sharing One Seed updates, information about sunflowers and the Cockerells, and pictures of sunflowers shared by One Seed participants. Seeds and more information are available by contacting

How to Plant and Care for Your Sunflowers

Sunflower seeds can be planted after the dangers of spring frost have passed. In Colorado, this is typically mid to late May. Seeds should be planted about 1.5 inches deep in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun per day, but more sun is better. Space your seeds 6 to 12 inches apart to prevent overcrowding, while still allowing the plants to be close enough to pollinate one another. Water the seeds daily until germination occurs, normally within 7-10 days.

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