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Open Education Week 2022

Celebrate Open Education Week March 7th-11th, 2022!

Open Education Week is a celebration of the Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Since 2012, Open Education Week highlights initiatives and encourages connection within a global community. 

The CU University Libraries OER Leads invite you to engage with the open community by undertaking a self-guided exploration of open education and open educational resources. The schedule below includes embedded readings, videos, and activities intended to help you celebrate Open Education Week!

Our thanks to Teri Oaks Gallaway and Emily Frank, whose self-guided schedule for Open Education Week 2017 served as a model and inspiration.


March 7th: Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)



OER Mythbusting 

“OER Mythbusting addresses the top seven myths about OER in North American higher education, as voted on by more than 100 faculty, librarians, students and other
members of the OER community.”


 What is OER? (The Council of Chief State School Officers, 2016, 1.5 minutes)

New to OER? Enjoy this introduction to OER and how they are licensed and used.


Watch OER Challenges for Newcomers

Explore the University Libraries' OER Guide.

Explore the  Open Textbook Library

Register to learn more about Inclusive Access

March 8th: COVID & OER



Leveraging OER to Meet Students' Basic Needs   (SPARC)

This report shares the inventive ways campuses are using HEERF and other COVID relief funds for OER activities that reduce textbook costs, expand access to materials, and support remote learning. The U.S. Department of Education’s FAQ document outlines a set of activities that are considered allowable uses of HEERF dollars, and OER is explicitly mentioned as one of the strategies to meet students’ basic needs during the pandemic.

Accelerating Adoption of OER in the Era of COVID-19 (From DOERS3)

The Steering Committee of DOERS3, a collective of 23 higher education systems and state/province-wide OER initiatives in the U.S. and Canada, released a call to higher education to accelerate OER progress as an expression of care for learners during COVID.

International calls for action

After formally adopting an OER Recommendation at the end of 2019, UNESCO was prepared to draw connections between the challenges created by the pandemic and the opportunities of OER. The organization issued a joint call for action and guidance for using OER during school closures. The OECD released a report entitled The Impact of COVID-19 on Education outlining the impact of the pandemic on the world’s educational systems.


Panel Discussion on OER and COVID

This panel discussion hosted by The New England Board of Higher education, invites impactful OER advocates to discuss the meaning of OER for the COVID pandemic. Panelists include Robin DeRosa and Curt Newton. The panelists review recent research that demonstrates how OER usage increases student success metrics like GPA and lowers DFW rates, particularly for Pell-eligible and non-white students. They also discuss how OER enable flexibility and innovation during trying times and transitions in educational environments. 


Join SPARC and experts for a panel discussion of collaboration and OER. 1-2 March 8th.

March 9th: OER & Social Justice



Journal of Interactive Media in Education Special Collection

"Explore a collection of writings about social justice and open educational practices in the international Journal of Interactive Media in Education."

Improving Representation and Diversity in OER Materials.

Explore and use the OpenStax framework for "Improving Representation and Diversity in OER Materials" to review and improve OER.


Open to diversity (Research Fellow, Sarah Lambert, on her study of social justice and open educational resources presented at the OERxDomains 2021 conference.)


The Warp and Weft of Open Education (Keynote, Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams, Open Education Global.)


Sign-up to join OpenEd Week Keynote: Towards Openness that Promotes Social Justice with Maha Bali 3/11/22 11:00 MST




March 10th: Open Pedagogy


Open Pedagogy Approaches

“The book aims to shed light on multiple definitions and how they are applied in a variety of learning experiences.Chapters provide case studies of library-teaching faculty collaborations that explore the intersecting roles and desired outcomes that each partner contributes toward student learning in an open environment.”

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students 

“A handbook for faculty interested in practicing open pedagogy by involving students in the making of open textbooks, ancillary materials, or other Open Educational Resources.”

Open at the Margins  

“This book represents a starting point towards curating and centering marginal voices and non-dominant epistemic stances in open education, an attempt at critical pluriversalism. It is a curated collection of 38 blog posts, lectures, talks, articles, and other informal works contributed by 43 diverse authors/co-authors and published since 2013. Each of these contributions offers a perspective on open education that can be considered marginal and that challenges the dominant hegemony. ”



Making Open Textbooks with Students (Open Textbook Network and Rebus Community Office Hours, 2017, 30 minutes)

“Special guests Robin DeRosa, Steel Wagstaff, and Amanda Coolidge speak about their experiences working with students to create open textbooks and open content. The Q&A encompasses pedagogy, faculty responsibilities, student rights and agreements when students work on open textbooks and OER projects.”


March 11th: Student Advocacy & Student Choice


Fixing the Broken Textbook Market

The second edition of a report by U.S. PIRG Education Fund and the Student PIRGs. Written by Cailyn Nagle and Kaitlyn Vitez, U.S. PIRG Education Fund.

Learn the facts of inclusive access and the impact on students' choice. Explore a community driven initiative to increase awareness about inclusive access models. Read more about the initiative in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


OER Student Panel OpenEd

Listen to a panel of students sharing their experiences with textbook costs and OER.



Learn about CU Boulder Course Marking

Learn more about low cost, no cost, and OER course marking at CU Boulder. Add your OER courses now!


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