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Open Education Week 2021

Celebrate Open Education Week March 1st-5th, 2021!

Open Education Week is a celebration of the Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Since 2012, Open Education Week highlights initiatives and encourages connection within a global community. 

The CU University Libraries OER Leads invite you to engage with the open community by undertaking a self-guided exploration of open education and open educational resources. The schedule below includes embedded readings, videos, and activities intended to help you celebrate Open Education Week!

Our thanks to Teri Oaks Gallaway and Emily Frank, whose self-guided schedule for Open Education Week 2017 served as a model and inspiration.


March 1st: Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)



OER Mythbusting (SPARC, 2017)

“OER Mythbusting addresses the top seven myths about OER in North American higher
education, as voted on by more than 100 faculty, librarians, students and other
members of the OER community.”

OER Impact During COVID (Inside Higher Education)


 What is OER? (The Council of Chief State School Officers, 2016, 1.5 minutes)

New to OER? Enjoy this introduction to OER and how they are licensed and used.


Join the Colorado Open Education Week celebration: “OER in the WICHE Region” with Liliana Diaz, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education 11:30 MST Register
Liliana Diaz, policy analyst at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), will share insights on the OER successes, challenges, and needs of western U.S. states and territories. Broadly understanding where OER efforts are in the region informs the coordinated efforts of the OERwest Network; a network of western states and territories that work collectively to share ideas, best practices, and address challenges together to advance and scale OER in the region and increase student success.

Explore the University Libraries' OER Guide.

Explore the  Open Textbook Library

March 2nd: Impact of OER



The Impact of OER Initiatives on Faculty Selection of Classroom Materials  (WCET & Bay View Analytics)

This project uses data collected for a project supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to address new questions about OER awareness and use. It examines activities at the state and regional level in the U.S.,   with a focus on regional higher education compacts, and demonstrates that OER initiatives increase the number of faculty using OER.


Gap Analysis and Environmental Scan (From the four regional education compacts)

In March 2020, the four regional higher education compacts convened two focus groups with key stakeholders, including representation from organizations working in the OER space, accreditors and state policymakers, to gather insights for the development of a national environmental scan and gap analysis


Open Education Matters

This video talks about what can happen when teachers and students share their work as Open Educational Resources (OER) for others to use, revise and remix for their own teaching and learning purposes, without cost.


Join Colorado’s Open Education Week celebration: “Growing Open: Fostering a Faculty-Led OER Initiative”

12:30 MST Register

From the start, OER at Red Rocks Community College has been championed primarily by faculty. Rather than a top down initiative, the movement to incorporate OER materials was a grassroots effort lead by faculty who were inspired to improve learning outcomes for students. We will share our successes, struggles, and strategies for building a campus-wide OER movement from the ground up.

March 3rd: State Activities & OER



Colorado Open Educational Resources

"Colorado is leading the way in Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption, which has been shown to foster innovation, reduce costs and boost student success."

Open Textbook Pilot

Learn about the Department of Education Open Textbook Pilot made possible through the Fund for the Improvement for Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) program.

OER State Policy Playbook

The OER State Policy Playbook provides policy recommendations for U.S. state legislators interested in tackling college affordability through OER. Download this resource and share it with interested policymakers.

 OER State Policy Tracker

The tracker is updated weekly with new information throughout the legislative season


OER State Policy and Initiatives (Presentation by Amy Hofer at the 2018 Florida OER Summit, 55 minutes)

  Developing OER Policy

"Special guests at this month's session of the Rebus Community and Open Textbook Network Office Hours included: Rebecca Van de Vord (Assistant Vice President, AOI; Liaison to the Provost’s Office; Director, Learning Innovations at Washington State University); Jessica Norman (eLearning Librarian at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology); and Billy Meinke (OER Technologist at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)."


Join Colorado’s Open Education Week celebration: Join Me in the Trenches: an interactive workshop to finding or creating an OER textbook

11:00 MST Register

Dr. Dan Baker, Teaching Assistant Professor at Colorado State University will introduce you to the Engineering Statics textbook he and nine other collaborators have developed over the past two years. As part of the interactive workshop expect to learn from our team's experiences, research the availability of OER content for the classes you teach, and draft your own plan of action.


Join Colorado’s Open Education Week celebration: Building and Sustaining Momentum through Open CU: Reflecting on OER Outcomes across the University of Colorado System

1:00 MST Register

 We invite attendees to learn about the collaborative and campus-specific efforts and outcomes of our Open CU grant team’s work over three years. Across our four campuses, we’ve supported educators’ OER awareness, exploration, adoption, adaptation, and creation. We’ll share quantitative and qualitative outcomes; our insights into designing, implementing, and expanding OER initiatives; and how we anticipate sustaining the momentum we’ve gained with CDHE/CO OER Council grant funding 2019-2021. We invite session attendees to engage in this session through reflecting on their own local successes and future visions for OER programming.


Share Your Open Education Week Experiences in a Virtual Soundbooth

Join us in a virtual audio recording booth to share your experiences participating in Open Education week. We will record the session and post as a new episode of the OEG Voices podcast.



March 4th: Open Pedagogy


Open Education, Open Questions (Catherine Cronin, 2017, EDUCAUSEreview)

“The use of open practices by learners and educators is complex, personal, and contextual; it is also continually negotiated. Higher education institutions require collaborative and critical approaches to openness in order to support faculty, students, and learning in an increasingly complex higher education environment.”

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students (Elizabeth Mays, Ed., The Rebus Community for Open Textbook Creation)

“A handbook for faculty interested in practicing open pedagogy by involving students in the making of open textbooks, ancillary materials, or other Open Educational Resources.”



Making Open Textbooks with Students (Open Textbook Network and Rebus Community Office Hours, 2017, 30 minutes)

“Special guests Robin DeRosa, Steel Wagstaff, and Amanda Coolidge speak about their experiences working with students to create open textbooks and open content. The Q&A encompasses pedagogy, faculty responsibilities, student rights and agreements when students work on open textbooks and OER projects.”


Join Colorado’s Open Education Week celebration: Open Pedagogy, Social Justice, and the Practical Path to Commons-Oriented Learning

11:00 MST Register

University of Northern Colorado's OER Committee and Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning are excited to host Dr. Robin DeRosa, Director of the Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative at Plymouth State University, for this important discussion. 

Explore the CU Boulder Open Pedagogy Guide and the Open Pedagogy notebook.

March 5th: Ways to Keep Exploring OER


Dip into the Open Education Group’s Review Project. This project aims to provide a dynamic “summary of all known empirical research concerning the impacts of open educational resources adoption”.


Supporting Social Justice through Open Educational Practices

This OEWeek 2020 presentation was brought to you by the CDHE and CU Office of Digital Education & Engagement. Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani is the Associate Vice Provost, Open Education at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia. His research and practice focuses on open education, student-centered pedagogies, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Rajiv is a co-founder of the Open Pedagogy Notebook, an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science, serves on the BC Open Education Advisory Committee.


Join Colorado’s Open Education Week celebration: Open Education Advocacy Meet Up!

12:03 MST Register

Open Education advocates from across the state will come together to discuss opportunities for collaboration and voice their support and hopes for the next generation of open education and OER in Colorado!

Submit an OER Meme: Got jokes? Submit your funniest OER meme for a chance to win prizes and be featured on CDHE's Twitter.Winners will be contacted March13th.

 Explore the OER World Map

Test-drive the map by starting with the United States and then explore the world. “The OER World Map collects and visualizes data on the growing number of actors and activities in the field of open education worldwide. The goal is to accelerate the evolution of the global OER ecosystem by providing a comprehensive and responsive picture of the OER movement.”


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