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About FOLIO at CU

Request new location workflow

  1. Person makes a decision to change or add information in FOLIO
  2. Person submits change via ServiceNow ticket
  3. Circulation Guild is informed and approves change
  4. Core Tech and Apps lead makes the change and informs Discovery Product Owner of change
  5. Discovery Product Owner updates Discovery product mappings and confirms they are working


  1. Pod leader records change on the Requested Changes tab on the Mapping sheet
  2. Pod leader notifies CTA and Brittany Reed/Nicole Trujillo
  3. CTA updates Mapping sheet, IndexData mapping sheet and updates in FOLIO
  4. CTA marks change as "DONE mm/dd/yy" in column x.

Request Funding for Development

Sometimes items submitted to FreshDesk/IndexData will require extra funding to complete. The workflow for these items is:

  1. IndexData will mark the ticket in FreshDesk as VuFind or FOLIO "Funding Candidate"
  2. The FOLIO Governance meeting will decide where that ticket ranks in priority
  3. The Core Tech and Apps Team Team Lead will work with IndexData and relevant stakeholders on the top priority to outline the work to be done and cost.
  4. After work is completed the ticket will be closed and the code added back to the community (if possible).