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About FOLIO at CU

Getting started in FOLIO

What is FOLIO?

FOLIO is the CU Libraries' new platform for providing library-side services (circulation, cataloging, ordering, etc.) it is different from Sierra in that it is Open Source and that it's completely web-based rather than requiring the installation of a client on every staff side computer in the libraries. 

Getting Started

In order to get started with FOLIO, you first need to request access. Please open a ServiceNow request with FOLIO marked as the service request. Please include your IdentiKey (username only!) in the ticket. Your IdentiKey will be used as your FOLIO username. CTA staff will create an account and contact you with a link where you can create a password for accessing the app. Please use something different than your IdentiKey password, while FOLIO is a secure platform this coincides with OIT and Libraries security procedures. (Please make a note of your password in your password manager as CTA doesn't have access, you'll need to request a reset link if you forget!)

Please be aware that the password creation link is only active for 24 hours after creation, so if you are a part-time worker or work an "off" schedule please let us know. 

When requesting an account please include:

  1. Identikey username/work email (yours or the staff member that's getting an account if you're requesting for someone else)
  2. Please review the permission sets (see the Permission Set tab or permission guide) and request any pertinent sets. 
  3. If you are going to be staffing a service desk (branch library, Ask A Librarian, etc.) please try to include these as well so they can be assigned to your account.
  4. Your schedule if it differs from the usual library operation hours.

FOLIO is also different from Sierra in that it allows permission sets that are tied to particular areas of work in the libraries rather than each user having different individual permissions assigned. We've worked to assign what we think are pertinent permissions to each set (here's some more info on permission sets). If you find that your assigned sets don't allow you to do all your assigned work please request any additional permissions through ServiceNow for review. 

You've got an account and the pertinent permissions have been applied, what now?

Once the account has been created you can access FOLIO here: (please bookmark!) with your Identikey and your created password.

Please make a note of your password in your password manager as CTA doesn't have access, you'll need to request a reset link if you forget!

Start exploring! Feel free to give any feedback about your experience in the FOLIO feedback form.