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About the Collection

The Children's and Young Adult Collection in Norlin Library is a small teaching and browsing collection of up to 5,000 materials that support students in the School of Education and also children and young adults in the CU and wider Boulder communities. We focus on collecting major award winning titles and purchase additional fiction and non-fiction materials to support the focuses of the School of Education, including books with racial and ethnic diversity, diverse gender and sexuality, disabilities or exceptionalities, and science and math books. Additional materials are housed in PASCAL, our off-site storage facility in Denver. They can be requested through our library catalog

Boulder Valley School District Educators and K-12 students from local publicly-funded schools are able to create free accounts to borrow materials in this collection and the rest of Norlin Library!

We need diverse books! CU affiliates are invited to recommend diverse titles for the Children's and Young Adult Collection.

5th Annual Children's Book Festival, Oct. 25-27, 2023

Children's Book Festival logo and five featured books. There is a colorful stack of books on the left side of the image and book covers on the right.

CU Boulder's School of Education and the Boulder Book Store invite teachers, students, families, librarians, and all who enjoy children’s literature to join us for free events! See the festival schedule on the Children's Book Festival website

Open education resources for these books created by School of Education students available for free download (e.g., resources from past festivals include author slide shows, book discussion guides, digital book trailers and class projects)

Read the Featured Books from the 2023 Children's Book Festival

Always Anjali

Meet Anjali! She's the spunky star of this picture book with a timeless message about appreciating what makes us special and honouring our different identities. Actress and activist Sheetal Sheth has penned a deeply personal picture book about the experience of feeling othered and the journey toward embracing yourself.

Four Eyes: a Graphic Novel

A humorous and heartwarming graphic memoir about fitting in, facing bullies, and finding the right pair of glasses. In this true coming-of-age story, Rex has his sights set on surviving sixth grade, but now he's got to find a way to do it with glasses, no friends, and a family that just doesn't get it!

Like Lava in My Veins

All it takes is a loving teacher to help a boy get control of his sizzling superpowers, in this vibrant picture book by bestselling author Derrick Barnes. Bobby Beacon's got fire flowing through his veins. And now he's psyched to attend a new school that'll help him get a better grip on his powers. But right off the bat, his new teacher is not too welcoming. That causes Bobby's hot temper to land him in the principal's office. It ain't easy to stay calm when people don't seem to understand you and are always pushing you to the edge. Good thing Bobby gets moved to a class with an understanding teacher who clues him in on ways to calm himself and shows him that caring for others is its own kind of superpower. With her help-and some cool new friends-he just might be on his way to becoming the best version of himself possible.

Control Freaks

One week. One prize. Seven really weird challenges. The kids at Benjamin Banneker College Prep are a little... competitive. Okay. They're a LOT competitive. The minute Principal Yee announces an epic competition for the golden B-B trophy, seventh-grader Frederick Douglass Zezzmer knows he has to win. But it won't be easy. The competition doesn't just include science, technology, engineering and math. It also has arts and sports. Not Doug's best subjects. Even worse, it's a TEAM competition. Instead of being in a superstar group, Doug gets paired with four middle school misfits no one else wants. Worst of all, Doug's dad has a horrible backup plan. If Doug doesn't win, he has to forget about becoming The World's Greatest Inventor and spend the summer in sports camp, with his scary stepbrother. With only a week to go, Doug launches a quest to turn his team of outcasts into winners... and maybe even friends.

Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior

From New York Times bestselling picture book author Carole Lindstrom and illustrator Bridget George comes Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior, an inspiring picture book biography about two Indigenous Rights Activists, Josephine Mandamin and Autumn Peltier. Featuring a foreword from water advocate and Indigenous Rights Activist Autumn Peltier herself, this stunning picture book from New York Times-bestselling author Carole Lindstrom and illustrator Bridget George gives voice to the water and asks young readers to join the tidal wave of change.

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