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Consumer Research: Get Started

Good to Know Before You Start

Eastern Market

Consumer Research

Consumer research is the process of gathering data on a individuals and their relations to a market. This includes information on the current and potential customers, as well as the competitive landscape of the market.

Primary Research

This involves collecting data from the source (i.e. consumers) such as conducting surveys or focus groups. It can be very targeted, useful, time consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive.

Secondary Research

This involves using data that has already been collected (e.g. statistics or market research reports). Because you do not control how or what data is collected, there may be times where you cannot find the exact type of information you want from secondary sources.

About This Guide

This guide focuses on secondary research sources.

  • Consumer Demographics: This is data on the consumer. Covering topics like age, income, ethnic origin, etc.
  • Consumer Behavior: This contains more articles with a bit of data focusing on interactions between individuals, businesses and society.
  • Consumer Market: Combines materials from demographics and behavior into a market research report.


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