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FREN 4110: Rites of Passage (Yamashita): Get Started

Research Question

Developing Research Questions: Your Scope & Feasibility

An important aspect of determining your research question is scope. What is feasible for you to answer within your time, your access, your economic, and other constraints? Have you chosen a question that acknowledges those limitations.

Mountain Top By Alice Noir for the Noun ProjectTips 

  • Many of us start with a very broad question in mind. Try these steps to narrow:
    • ​State your research interest
    • Think of a narrower scope
    • Brainstorm questions 
    • Pick the question you are most interested in
    • Rephrase the question to be narrower in scope
    • Repeat as needed


  • Paris in the 19th century
  • Paris and fashion
  • Rise of French dress designers and first fashion house
  • How did Paris become known as a capital of fashion? example question provided by Professor Kilbane.

For more information see Arriving to a Research Question and Asking Questions 

Keyword Phrases in French Culture - Human Rights, Rites of Passage


Keywords and related terms will emerge from your topic of research. Creating a map of your keywords and/or related terms will help you. Keywords will help you:

  • Find information
  • Limit your search
  • Filter your search

Keywords and related terms for "le passage à l'âge adulte": l'enfance, droits de l'enfant, le droit de jouer, les enfants comme adultes, l'enfance et la crise des migrants, les enfants comme animaux, marginalization sociale, enfance et exil, non-conformisme de genre, la jeunesse française au vingt-et-unième siècle, French émigrés, les jeunes filles d'aujourd'hui, sexualité et famille dans la société and grandir en temps de guerre​​.


For more information see Strategy: Search terms

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