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CU Living Library

Human Library: Sharing Stories, Empowering Community will empower the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) community to share and engage in authentic, lived experiences through the powerful mechanism of storytelling. This event will foster dialogue, commun
CU Living Library. Dialoging Difference. March 1st, 2018 3:00-5:00. Norlin Library Circulation Area

About the CU Living Library

The CU Living Library: Dialoguing Difference event is an opportunity for people to engage with one another around stories in a supportive environment which encourages questions and open mindedness. “Books” -- people who are willing to share stories about their lives and diverse personal backgrounds -- and small groups of “Readers” will engage in brave, in-depth, authentic conversations across gender, race, nationality, religion, and ability. This event will allow students and campus community members to experience positive, authentic conversations, learning about themselves and others.

Organized by:  Megan WelshJuleah Swanson, Lindsay Roberts.

Book 2

Coming Out Overseas
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The Truth Off
Description   Book now

Clothed in Strength 
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Book 7

Grief & Mental Illness 
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Book 8

Turning a Blind Eye
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Book 9

Description   Book now

Book image

I Killed My Mother
Description  Book now


You Have to Pick One or the Other  
Description   Book now


Chronicles of a "Never Enough" Kid 
   Description Book now

Twelve Words To A Twelve Year Old
Description   Book now

Book 14

Static in the Feedback Loop
Description   Book now

Volunteer to be a book.

Share your story. 

Living Books will share stories about their lives in order to challenge assumptions and to engage in respectful conversation with the members of the CU community, who borrow them. Dialoguing through difference.